Monday, July 26, 2010

let's get down to business.

So this whole getting married business and being bored all summer has caused me to become an entrepreneur.

As my faithful blog followers, it is your duty to support me by checking out my new blogs.

The first is The Owl Tree. I have been making hair flowers/headbands, and I have decided to sell them! That's right. Imagine one of these on your head!

Next is K & K Photography. Karl and I have been doing photo shoots together, and it has been so fun! So we are starting our own little side project. Here is a preview of our most recent shoot. I would also like to point out the hair flower Jamie is wearing was purchased from yours truly at The Owl Tree.

So visit the new blogs and keep your eye out for Owl Tree's upcoming giveaway!


The Clawson's said...

Way to go Kace! Your such a talented girl! Well, I'm gonna need some of your flowers and some pictures done soon!

melmck said...

love your new sites! to make your button, i just used the header for the picture and linked it to your blog using the add a picture on the sidebar. i love your stuff.