Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Garrison!!!

I love this little face so much! Garrison is the baby of our family, but he is actually the one that takes care of everyone else! As soon as you are sick, he's the first to bring you a piece of toast and ask what movie you want him to turn on for you. He's also the best scorpion hunter and chef in the land. He is also known to be kind and thoughtful. Example. On my 20th birthday, I was presented with this beauty...

(No frosting? No problem. Garrison knows where we keep the food coloring!)

AND he made me the cutest little card that had 20 reasons why he's glad I'm his sister. It's much better with his handwriting and spelling.. but I'll give you the list.
1. You're fun
2. You're funny
3. You are smart and have good ideas.
4. cause
5. You help me when I need
6. You cheer me up
7. You love me
8 . Good photographer
9. Stays up with me when I'm scared
10. You play the wii with me and Jake
11. You're nice
12. You're active
13. is good at picking out boyfriends
14. You drive me where I need to do
15. You buy fun movies
(no 16...)
17. You make good dinner
18. Helps Dad feel better
19. Helps Mom when she's sick
20. I'm your favorite brother and I love you being in my family
I think my favorite reasons are 4 and 13. haha

He is always silly and fun to be around!

I have now had 13 years of fun with little red.

My funniest memory with Garrison-
One night, for some reason, I was chasing him. We were both running down the hallway about to enter the kitchen/family room area full of people. Garrison made the mistake of wearing some baggy sweat pants that night. So just as we were about to run into the kitchen, I stopped and stepped on the bottom of his pants. Little Garrison then flew completely horizontal through the air, out of his pants, and on to the kitchen floor. I think we all peed a little bit from laughing so hard.
I love you, G. Happy Birthday!!


The Reidheads said...

haha i remember that list from last year! LOVE IT!

Karen said...

Oh man this is awesome. What a fun relationship my kids have!