Friday, September 3, 2010

New Designs!

My aunt, Julie, Is pretty awesome. One of the most awesome people I know. So of course she would be planning the funnest little birthday party for her daughter, Kristi Lee, at the same time she is throwing a baby shower for her friend! She came to me asking for help with her awesomeness. So I designed these invitations for her!

They look a lot cuter with out the black lines going through them...but I have to be cautious of all those creepsters out there. Stop looking at my blog creepsters.


Sarah said...

haha. "creepsters!"
your sis,
p.s. i wore the flower you gave me to school today and EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!!!!!! oh and REALLY cute cards!!!! love 'em!

Tina McKinnon said...

Good job, Kace! They are so cute.... Yeah, I guess I have to agree... Julie is pretty awesome!

Karen said...

I was totally going to show up at those parties ... now I can't. I guess I'm a Creepster. ;(

Nice work on the invites ... and on keeping them all safe from folks like me.