Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday with Karl.

I LOOOVE Saturday's with Karl. No work... No school.... No work or school the next day. It's perfect. This Saturday, Karl took me to this place for breakfast called Over Easy in Phoenix. It was the cutest little place with way good food!

After breakfast... Karl was kind enough to explore an antique mall we saw while driving! It was the coolest place. Ever. The store has several different vendors so there is a huge variety of vintage treasures. As you can see by this picture of me in a lovely fur coat. (sick)
Here's Karl being a trooper and holding my purse in the most manly way possible. He really wasn't unhappy to be there. He just didn't want there to be evidence that he enjoys antique shopping with me!
The best part of the whole day... perhaps the whole week! Dare I say month? Was me stumbling upon this typewriter! I have been searching and searching but every time I find one it is waaay too pricey. But I found this beauty for $30! I still squeal a little each time I look at it.

After antique shopping.... it was time for Karl shopping...
He took me to this Asian market to get ingredients to make me a dish he used to make during his mission in the Philippines.

Here are some disgusting live fish. This, combined with the raw octopuses, put me over the edge, and I was a little more than eager to get out of there!
But they did have some really cool fruits and vegetables!

The drive home was pleasant as we played with these lip-whistles generously given to us by my momma.
The rest of the day was spent eating Costa Vida and hanging out with my family.
I love Saturdays with Karl!


Karen said...

Oh you two.

p.s. We have to give credit to Shari for those lips.

p.p.s. Be sure to post about the Asian food you'll be eating from that market. Gross!

Tina McKinnon said...

What a GRRRRREAT day! I LOVE the lips!