Friday, September 17, 2010

You're coming, right?

It's a basement boutique. I would be going even if I wasn't one of the vendors. Pretty much it is going to be the greatest thing... ever. My sister in law and a new neighborhood friend are the queens of vintageness. I can't wait to see what they are selling. And, like I said, I will be there selling some of my homemade hair accessories/home decor. It's going to be stellar! So... COME!


The Clawson's said...

Of course it's the week I'm in San Fran. But if your interested, I'm coming the next weekend(Oct.1st)and a friend of mine is hosting a craft night and their doing some super cute holiday crafts. Let me know if ya wanna come and I'll send you the link-y-link!
PS. when I find out this baby is a girl, I need you to make me approximately 101 headbands...cuz I suck at em, and your's are too freakin cute.
OK- I'm done rambling- love ya

Julie Mooney said...

Oh Kacey, I wish I could have come. You will have to tell me how it went. Pictures? I love you.