Wednesday, February 23, 2011

30 For 30!

I was blog hopping and found this little challenge

You choose 30 items from your wardrobe and have to mix and reuse them over 30 days! It is supposed to teach you to appreciate your clothes and realize the golden pieces you have! You are also not allowed to shop during the 30 days. Now... I'm not a shopaholic... but I will admit to feeling like I never have cute clothes and having the urge to redo my whole ensemble at least once a month. Just an urge people.

*not my closet... sad face.

I think I'm gonna do it! Who's with me?!

Of course... I'll start after my birthday.. (which happens to be less than a week away!) Plus then it will be a new month and I can start fresh.


Diane said...

Thankfully that closet is not yours as you would not have enough days in the year to wear them all and you would have wasted all that money. But, I will join you when I get done with my year no shopping (TGAAD). Take a look at Project 333 - same thing, different view...

Diane said...

Make sure you take pictures and post like Kendi!