Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hair Care

Why am I showing you an upside down picture of the back of my head?

Very valid question.
1- Bc I took it upside down and didn't realize it until I loaded the picture and was too lazy to rotate it and repost it....
2- I have almost gone 2 weeks without blow drying my hair!

It all started 2 Sunday's ago... Karl and I were sitting in church when I was caught picking at my split ends. It was then that Karl proposed a 1 week challenge to not use any heat on my hair! That's right. No blow dryer... no straightener... no curling iron.
This was not an easy challenge for me. I have had curly curls ever since I was little. But as I have grown... my curls have turned into a frizzy mane if not properly tended to. But I decided I would take the challenge. I'm always complaining about my hair not growing... so maybe 1 week of not murdering it every morning would help! (Or at least prove to Karl I'm not afraid of a challenge.)
So the one week went by. I spent most days with either a nasty bed-head bun or looking like a lion. Keep in mind I was not in my house all day that week! I was interning as well as working and going to school... how embarrassing.
After the 1 week was up, I gave myself a pat on the back. However, I decided I liked the idea of having healthier and possibly longer hair. So I decided to continue this challenge. Except not so extreme... I have not used the blow dryer for almost 2 weeks and only use the curling iron to a minimum. I'm for reals. Like I have a 1 minute timer.
I have learned the beauty of a little mousse and am learning to work with my natural curls. But if you see me on the street with an ugly bun or something... know that I am reaching for the stars over here!

Between this challenge and the 30 for 30 challenge in the previous post... I'm becoming quite the dare devil. Now all I need is for someone to challenge me to exercise!


Karen said...

I challenge you to exercise 3 times a week. There.

Jamie and David Nielson said...

that is so funny because i sit in church picking my split ends too! but i swear it helps me pay attention better but I think i'm just addicted to picking them! i should take this challenge!

Tina McKinnon said...