Thursday, February 10, 2011

This post has no meaning.

I feel like I need to blog.... I just don't know about what. I don't really have much to say. Karl and I are crazy busy with school and work right now. And work for me is about to get a whole lot busier. It's wedding season. I have to work soo many weddings this time of year. To prove it's wedding season... I have 3 bridal showers to attend on Saturday only to come home and take engagement pictures. Let the games begin. Besides school and work, Roscoe is our life. I looove this picture. Roscoe is always laying on his back and falling asleep upside down. haha

This little project has also kept Karl pretty busy! He's such a hard worker... slash good looking. I can't wait until my kitchen is good looking too! See my cute bakery sign above our pantry entryway? Sigh... I love it. I have been having the hardest time hanging things on the walls. Decorating an entire house... although very exciting... can be very overwhelming. I have been very careful to decide what I want where. But... after much harassment from everyone... Karl stayed up late with me one night and used his manly tools to help me hang a few cute items. Progress people. Progress.

I can't wait for it to be finished... I'll definitely have to do some before and after pics soon. Most of the rest of our house is still pretty empty. So... if anyone sees awesome furniture on the side of the road or just has a yearning to give theirs away!... you know who to call!

It's also my birth month. Yes. Some people have birth days... I have a month. And Karl has graciously accepted that. There happens to be a large box sitting in our living room right now that I am not allowed to touch! (I already shook it... I have no idea... haha) It's also Valentines Day soon!! My first Valentines Day with a real Valentine! :D This will be so fun! My dad used to give me (and my mom) flowers on Valentines Day. How kind. My dad is a softy at heart....
Alright I'm done rambling.
Ps. I found a bridesmaid dress. Stay tuned!

***UPDATE: Karl just got home from school and opened the large box in the living room. It was full of boxes of cereal. What. Who orders cereals online?! hahaha It's his favorite and there was a deal for like 6 boxes. BUT there is a box on the way for ME!


Morgan Borgia said...

I miss little Roscoe he looks so much bigger! Also..i told Colten about this cereal box business and he is interested..he want's to know where he can order some cereal.

Karen said...

Ha ha ha ... cereal! Is there anything that he can't find online?

Bring me Roscoe ... I miss him ... and he misses me ... ask him!

The Big Boys Blog said...

I took that picture! I demand money!