Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shout out to all my white girlz!

I have been very fair skinned all my life! Some may even call me pasty...(ahem... Karl.) I prefer 'fair'. With my fair skin comes frequent sun burns and a high risk of skin cancer. I can't believe how fast summer is creeping up on us! SO. This time, I want to be prepared. I am going to be very good at applying sunscreen daily this summer. I don't want to end up like my fellow fair-skinned friend over here.
It's not funny, Todd. (I don't know if his name is Todd. He looks like a Todd though, right?)

The problem is... Not only do I not want a sunburn, but I also don't want to walk around looking all oily and smelling like sunblock all summer long! I'm no Wendy Peffercorn you guys.

So if anyone knows a really good sunscreen that doesn't smell like a public pool and won't make me feel greasy all day, do share!


Karen said...

Ode to the white girlz indeed! My poor freckly self ... we all need some good blocker!

melmck said...

for my face I use neutrogena (or the off brand) face moisturizer with 15 SPF everyday. so does robby. they also have oil-free sunblock in different SPFs. i reccommend them. and i love your fair skin, KARL.

Cyn said...

Unfortunately we are having quite a bit of experience with this subject these days. L has tried quite a few and she said her best choice so far is neutrogena ultrasheer with helioplex. She's found it to be less greasy and doesn't smell as strong as others. Her dermatologist recommended it. We'll keep you updated with any new finds!

chelsea :: stock said...

wait... why don't you want to be wendy peffercorn?

The Big Boys Blog said...

I'm so glad I'm black.