Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time!!

Every year, we have our annual Christmas party with the McKinnon side of the fam where we wear our pajamas, eat Mexican food, read a Christmas story, and sing Santa Clause is Coming to Town that MAGICALLY makes a special visitor appear and give each grandchild a stocking!

From the oldest...
To the youngest....
Oh's real.
Christmas Eve, we have dinner with the Shaker side of the family, and then we come home and get to open our Christmas Eve present! Which is ALWAYS new pajamas! Then we wake up around 5am....well my brothers do and jump on me and steal all my blankets and call me the grinch until I am awake enough to find my way to the family room to open presents. Then the whole McKinnon side of the family meets at my great grandma's house for breakfast and a white elephant gift exchange. One of the gifts we brought was a frame with a picture of Obama in it. haha My mom couldn't stop giggling. It was a great Christmas though. I can't believe it's already over. Only 1 more Christmas with out my missionary!

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Karen said...

Wow my hair is super shiny in that story picture! It must be my halo.