Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME!

This is my absolute FAVORITE Christmas movie! It always becomes part of my nightly routine this time of year. Imagine my excitement when I found out that it would be playing at the IMAX in 3D! Needless to say....I have been planning this for months! And tonight was the night! My aunt Andrea, my two cousins Joely and Jace, and my little brother Garrison and I all put our pajamas on and prepared ourselves for a night on the Polar Express!

This is me and G baby excited out of our minds!
Joely (still trying to wake up from her nap), Andrea, and Jace
It was so much fun! And I think seeing The Polar Express at the IMAX will now be a part of my holiday routine.

Garrison was a a little tired on the way home..."Did you just take a picture of me?"


Karen said...

Merry Christmas honey. Good job on making your own dreamy night happen and bringing others along for the ride. YOU are the spirit of Christmas.

twin2trip said...

I love the Polar Express in 3-D. In fact I liked it better than going up north to ride the Polar Express train. I still don't get the purpose of the dude on top of the train though.

Hope your Christmas is very Merry & Bright!!