Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Winter in ARIZONA!

This past semester, I took gym as one of my classes...requiring me to spend 40 hours working out. Have you guys seen my biceps recently ;) haha jk But really. It was good for me...and now that I'm not forced to exercise...I haven't been. Needless to say my endorphins have been somewhat lacking.... SO tonight, I convinced my mom to go for a walk with me despite this random weather. Since we were both born and raised in the great city of Mesa, we feared the dreadful 50 degree weather outside! We knew if we didn't want to get frostbite or pneumonia, we would need to bundle up. We put on every winter item we owned and stepped outside. What the rain? No big deal... we'll just get our umbrellas. Turns out we only own one. So I improvised with a giant yellow umbrella we used for shade at the boy's football games. Knowing how ridiculous we looked, we couldn't stop giggling as we strolled down the street spinning our umbrellas to get HOT chocolate from the Hot Chocolate Market... aka Chevron.
Little do you know we each have long johns and 2 heavy coats on!

This is us looking "cold"... I think we look like we are about to be sick... haha
My mom couldn't decide if she was Marry Poppins or a gangster... so her accent varied throughout the night.

This is the BEST house on our street. Maybe because it's the only house with lights outside... But they do it every year and it's always awesome.

Thanks for the stroll Mom!


Karen said...

It was a jolly good time lassy. Glad I could help out your endorphins!

twin2trip said...

Ok I loved that! Your Mom is so much fun and so are you. Hope you had a good Christmas. Hey aren't you transitioning to the singles ward in 09? That's what M & M tell me. They told me you were so excited to go to the meat market. Just teasing but they did tell me that your last Sunday with them was last week. Thank you so much for all of your service you provided for my babies. I know they can be a little high maintenance.

PS - Your in luck because that wall is just a mere minutes away. It's off of Main in downtown Mesa. There's also another wall next to it that I love. It's behind the buildings where you park on the south side of Main across from Domestic Bliss.