Monday, December 29, 2008

el room

My room is all coming together!

I bought this little may remember it from a previous post... now I just need the perfect chair and my computer to go with it!

And a bedspread... which will hopefully be a quilt I want to make with my grandma.

Oh...ignore the elephant on my bed. That's just Carl. Maybe I do and maybe I DO sleep with it every night. haha Austin gave that to me the night before he left... and Austin ALSO installed this amazing chandelier (complete with dimmer ;) haha)

Moral of the story.... keep your eye out for a chair!


Karen said...

You definitely have the most beautiful room in the house. You'll find your chair soon. Hey, are those 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets? Oooooooh aaaaaaaaah ~

The Clawson's said...

I'm so jealous of your room! I wish I could decorate...just need the moolah first! haha! How was your Christmas? Sorry I didn't come over and say hi, we went back home on Christmas day! Your an awesome photographer, keep up the amazing work!

Tina said...

Swwweeeet! Loookkkinnn good! xox

The standage family said...

Your room is Beautiful!!! I wish mine looked as good as that!!!

ammon & Kim Riggs said...

Hey KaceyI love your room, where did you get your headboard? Also, I would like you to email me the pictures with my kids & santa. my email is thanxs

ann said...