Monday, March 19, 2012

Gettin' Lucky! 3.17.2012

I really think I am the luckiest girl in the world. I'll start off by referencing the above pictures. Look how good looking my husband is. LUCKY. Really though, I feel like everything in my life has always just worked out. I feel so blessed for everything that I have. And I could not ask for more. (Except maybe for this baby to arrive.)
Luckily, Karl and I got to spend St. Patrick's Day together. We did a lot of shopping to prepare for baby boy Reed's arrival. And since we are so lucky, we didn't really have to buy much! Everyone was so generous at the baby shower that we only needed to worry about a few essential things. 

Karl handed me this barrel of cheese balls. LUCKY.

And luckily, it was amaaaazing weather! The perfect spring day. So we decided to have a picnic with Roscoe at the park. 

There was a wind machine for my hair. Lucky.
 My favorite boys. Lucky.
 Karl gave me his jacket and let me lay on his giant bicep. Lucky.  

Shortly after this, we were taking a walk around the lake when we spotted some vulnerable ducks. We let Roscoe go after them and to our surprise, he didn't stop until he was in the lake! And LUCKILY, he swam back to the edge and let Karl help him out. 

It was a great St. Patrick's Day. 


Karen said...

Holy cow that wind machine is awesome! You look amazing, and that's not luck ... it's genetics. OMG now that I think about your genetics, you are SO lucky!

The Clawson's said...

Funfun. I can't help but notice your blanket! love it. I still have mine...

colleenroselle said...

cute belly!!