Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Month.

Today marks exactly one month until my due date! The doctor says all my numbers look great and that baby could come as soon as he wants now! I am so excited I can't even stand it. I can't wait to meet this little babe. And also... I can't wait to NOT be pregnant. Don't get me wrong. I know pregnancy is such a blessing, and I am so grateful that I have had the chance to carry our child.... but I've been doing it for 8 months now. Time for a break. As I get bigger and more uncomfortable each day, I become more and more willing to take on the pains of labor and delivery. Whenever I get a little nervous... I think about some of these things and it reminds me it will be worth it for my body to be back to 'normal' again. Plus I'll get a son. Bonus. 

(Definitely peed my pants a little while walking in the grocery store yesterday...)

Poor Karl...

I've thought about making a shirt like this. 

I hate getting dressed and hate cute dressed girls.

Very true. Except Karl doesn't fold his arms... he brings me another Star Crunch. 


I wish I was a goddess of pregnancy like these ladies. Except I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to be riding horseback when you are pregnant...

And if you are going to relax in the tropics... Why would you pick to lay on a branch? Find me a hammock or something. 

 I think this woman has the right idea. I love watermelon. And if anyone tries to take it from me... well... that's what the gun is for I'm assuming. 

Now who knows any tricks for how to go into labor!


Karen said...

This is HILARIOUS! Every single comic was meant for you ... and the goddess pics are killing me.

Maybe she's one of those target shooting mama's ... and she's getting ready to fling that sucker in the air!

Tina McKinnon said...

haha! You're so funny! But you have the right idea.... I'm quite sure that Heavenly Father knew after nine months, we'd do absolutely ANYTHING to get the little buggers out!! Grandpa always suggested I climb up on the kitchen table and jump off landing stiff-legged or that we go off-roading on very bumpy terrain!! He's so goofy! Hang in there... it WILL be worth it!! xox

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

Lia always told me that there is a reason we are pregnany for 40 weeks. By 40 weeks, you will do absolutely anything to get that baby out! so true. can't wait to see the updates!