Sunday, March 25, 2012


This past weekend, Karl and I went camping with Mat and Kaelin, Brandon and Aimee, and little Garrison. Being that I am 8 months pregnant, I like to call myself a trooper. Karl and I were taking wedding pictures on Friday and decided to go up as soon as we were done working that night. I prepped myself for an uncomfortable truck ride with a pillow behind my back and my stretchiest pants. I prepped myself for an even more uncomfortable than usual night of sleep by bringing all 3 of my pillows, extra blankets, and of course, Tums. Karl would be concerned at my tossing and turning throughout the night and when he would ask if I was ok, I would have to explain that I was just trying to roll over. Hard to do normally... extra hard in a sleeping bag. Remember how you have to pee a lot when you are pregnant too? Despite my best efforts to avoid any beverages too close to bedtime, I still had to take a dreadful mid night trip to the bathroom. Outside. Karl was a sweetheart and came with me though. And did I mention there was snow on the ground? I was so excited when the sun came up. And even more excited that little G was such an early bird and immediately got up and made a fire for us. Once the rest of our crew finally got up, Karl made me breakfast, the girls relaxed by the fire, the dogs explored, and the men played sling shot paintball. Besides being a little uncomfortable, I'm really glad I went and that we got to have one last fun trip before this little one arrives. 32 days!!

 After so much adventure time with Gracie, Roscoe was soo tired and was dozing off in my lap. (PS I love creepy Gracie in the background of this pic)
 Garrison slept the whole way home. 

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Karen said...

Thanks for taking little G ... he loves an adventure! AND YOU ARE A TROOPER!!