Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Shower of Awesomeness!

Last weekend, I had my baby shower. It was the greatest. I had so much fun planning for it and a HUGE thanks to everyone that helped! Everything was perfect. I decided I wanted an actual 'shower' theme with clouds, raindrops, umbrellas etc. And a shower it was. We had clouds hanging from the ceiling with raindrops, umbrellas on the wall, cloud shaped sugar cookies and so much more! I had so much fun with all the decorations. But let's get real... I was mostly excited about the food. That is, after all, the best part of a shower, isn't it? I looove shower food. I don't know why chicken salad sandwiches mean so much to me... but they do. I wish we would have taken more pictures... but here are a few!

Thank you again to everyone who helped and to all those who attended and showered us with love! We are so grateful!


Karen said...

It was the perfect shower!

Matt and Telicia Webb said...

Shower decorations looked so cute! As for the boogie wipes! They are amazing! When that little baby gets a runny nose for 3 weeks straight...I wont lie, Those boogie wipes come in handy! It doesn't make their nose raw and dry! haha they do sound funny, but they are great! haha

Jake and Kalli said...

I agree with T, the boogie wipes are amazing!! I also use the butt paste, and really like it! Another thing that I got that was pretty funny but helped were the "peepee teepees". You better watch yourself when changing a boy's diaper, so the peepee teepees are there to catch it! :)