Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Birth Month.

I had a wonderful birth month. Mr. Reed has graciously allowed me to have an entire month. He hears things like "Will you rub my feet?... It's my BIRTH MONTH!" all month long... leading into my birth week, my birth weekend, and eventually my actual birthday. Yowzah. Sounds like a pretty big deal, right? It's not... haha I wouldn't say I'm super high maintenance about my birthday... I didn't even really ask for anything. I just like saying it's my birthday. This year I feel like it was especially laid back because I had someone else's birth month on my mind. My little boy's. I can't believe in only 8 weeks he will be here! So I've spent my birth month preparing his nursery and getting ready for my shower this weekend. But on my birthday, I was well taken care of. Karl was so sweet and took a couple hours off of work in the morning so he could take me to breakfast. He kissed my face and let me eat a blueberry pancake the size of my head. 

After breakfast, my mom accompanied me to a doctor's appointment. The doctor wanted to do an ultra sound on account of my 'poor maternal weight gain'. No one calls me a poor mother! I came back having gained a whopping 6lbs this month! Cha-ching! So as an update... I've now gained a total of 12 lbs. It was so fun be able to see him a little more grown now. That may have been my favorite present. The little one weighs about 4 pounds, and he has hair!

After the doctor, my mom decided it was time for me to get some actual maternity clothes. So I got my first pair of maternity pants and some great shirts. I'm a real woman now. And the day wouldn't have been complete with out a lunch date to P.F. Changs. Happy Birthday to me!

Later that night, my family all went for ice cream at Nielson's where I finally got my Happy Birthday song. It was a great day.

Now, usually my birthday is the last day of February. So once my birthday is over, as is my birth month. However, thanks to it being a leap year, I got one more day out of my special month. So it's only natural that we took that time to do something special..... May I present... SNL.


Jenni said...

I am so happy you finally recorded again!!! I missed this so much! I feel so famous to have my very own shout out on SNL! I am kind of dying to know what exactly your mom said though in 4th grade... Naughty girl! You guys are the best!!!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Happy Birthday Kacey!! I'm so happy SNL has returned. You guys are soooo funny!!!

Matt and Telicia Webb said...

Thrilled you are back in business! I look forward to these shows!! haha I want to see a that sweet baby bump of yours!! I cannot believe you are 32 weeks! Getting so close!!!

Carol said...

I, too, wonder about parents everyday and I knew exactly where you were going with that story. Glad to see you gals!

Jamie and David Nielson said...

I loved every second of this!!